5th wheel and Travel Trailer Repair

The Effects of water Damage

When water damage occurs here in Florida, so does mold and mildew. That’s why It is so important to take your RV to a Dealer who understands the importance of eliminating mold and mildew prior to repairing your Travel Trailer or 5Th Wheel. We Here at H & L RVS are trained in mold remediation. We were in construction prior to the RV business and therefor have a thorough grounding in how to build, replace floors, walls, cabinets and more. The repair should look it is like it is part of the design and not look like what it is (a Repair). All water damage should be replaced.

Mold are tiny fungi whose spores float through the air and appear as woolly or powdery growths on stored fruity or grow in damp areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. People who are allergic to mold may have symptoms that persist for a long time, reoccur several times through the year, or associated with specific environments where molds flourish. When you inhale mold spores, your immune system triggers symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, and itchy nose mouth and lips. Mold needs heat and moisture to grow.

A written estimate may be given by the dealer prior to repairing water damage But, be aware that if you have a water damaged wall or ceiling it is likely that the insolation and wood frame may need to be replaced. Here at H & L RVS we take pictures of each stage of repair and email the pictures along with your bill. Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words and the customer can see exactly what was done and why.

After you have seen water damage, it will become more important to you to check all your seams all around your RV to make sure there are no cracks where water may enter. There are sealers at your favorite RV store that will match your RV. Seal your roof once a year. Pay special attention to your Vents That may need to be re-sealed. Also where the front cap meets the roof is another place to pay special attention to.

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